Orahealth.com Website Review & Ratings + Orahealth Coupons
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Orahealth.com Website Review & Ratings + Orahealth Coupons

Orahealth: Products & Services

OraHealth is an online store and a world leader in the technology of “oral adhering discs”, as the company praises itself. The company sells two medical products developed by the owner, and other derivatives. The products are CankerMelts, used for rapid healing and pain relief for canker sores, and XyliMelts, for dry mouth, and vitamins for throat called AvaminMelts.

Orahealth: Company Background

The company belongs to Orahealth Corporation, based at 13434 SE 27th Place, Bellevue, Washington 98005-4211, United States of America. The founder and also present owner is Jeff Haley, who also invented the CankerMelts. OraHealth has been founded in 2002, with the main purpose of sharing the discovery with fellow canker sore sufferers.

Orahealth: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Most of the reviews made by the customers are positive, especially for the Xylimelts Mints. A client called this product a lifesaver for it helped him with solve the dry mouth problem. Another client called it “life-changing, voice-saving, talk-enabling, mouth-sweetening.” However, there were also clients who complained about their teeth hurting after using the mints or that the product’s description was not real.

Orahealth: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

There has no Better Business Bureau profile for the OraHealth online company. However, their two main products, CankerMelts and XyliMelts have official and professional references. Also, the founder Jeff Haley states that no product will reach the market without first being proven in clinical trials. There is available a news page, where are bits of covers in major media outlets.

Orahealth: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

On Alexa, OraHealth has a reputation of 52, and the global traffic rank of 3,723,412. Since its ranking is more than 100,000, there is not a historical data available. However, it seems that 2.4 unique pages are seen per use, calculated on a three month basis.  The website received only 2 points out of 10 available from Google Page Rank.

Orahealth: Social Media Presence

The only social media presence related to the OraHealth company is a Facebook page for one of their products, XyliMelts. Since it first registered to Facebook, on the 20th April 2010, it has received 87 likes. There are only two status updates, and the last one was made in 31st October 2012. No other social media presence for this company can be found elsewhere on the net.

Orahealth: Website Security & Safety

Given the current status on Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page, OraHealth.com hasn’t been visited by Google within the past 90 days. Currently, is not listed as suspicious, and it does not host malware. Over the past 90 days, the website did not work as an intermediary for the infection of any other website. Because it does not keep information about credit cards, the website does not have SSL or any anti-virus program.

Orahealth: Pricing & Packages

The prices for the products sold by this company seem to be smaller than most of the other similar products. The cheapest product is Avamin Melts for $14.99, and the most expensive is XyliMelts for $23.99, while the CankerMelts cost $15.99. Free samples of XyliMelts are offered, for the price of $3.20, which represents the shipping.

Orahealth: Shipping Rates & Policies

There is no shipping policy available for this website, but there is an offer on automatic shipment. With this form of shipment, the client can receive automatically the desired products every few weeks, or as often as it’s necessary, for free. The shipments in the USA are made through US Postal Service. According to the Where to buy page, the medicine can be bought from retail and online locations, therefore their shipping policies will be applied.

Orahealth: Payment Methods Accepted

There is no information regarding the payment methods or alternatives, except from the currency used, USD. At the last step of the check-out the information might be available, but given the company’s statement about not holding information regarding credit cards, it seems that only this kind of payment method is accepted.

Orahealth: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The Return and Refund policy is very flexible. If the client is not pleased with the product, he can send the product and the receipt. Another version of the same product will then be sent back to the client. If no other suitable version is available, then the entire amount paid will be refunded.

Orahealth: Product images & screenshots
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